Pitching is the most important part in the current festival, Amini Tehrani.


Member of selection jury, Amini Tehrani remarked that pitching in the current event is fantastic. Selecting the screenplays in this section is every film makers wish that come true and it can also help them to understand international investors standards and present themselves at international level, he explained.

No matter what happens in final selection of pitching by investors, the opportunity itself for film makers to present their works is wonderful , and it is the most important thing in this current festival, he added.

They received about 37 screenplays which were evaluated by selection jury and rated with point tables. Eventually top 10 screenplays with top scores were selectrd, he continued.

We have provided a training session for selected screenplays film makers, so they can present their work to international investors in the best way possible, he later added.

The 35th Tehran international short film festival will be held betweein  10 to 15 October in Tehran,Iran.

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