Los Angeles Festival was honored with Frouzan Diploma

The short film Foruzan, directed by Mir-Abbas Khosravi nejhad, received the honorary diploma of the Best Independent Film Festival of Los Angeles. According to the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, short film “Foruzan” directed by Mir-Abbas Khosravinejad and the production of the Khorramabad Youth Cinema Association, awarded him the honorary diploma of the best short storyline of the Independent Los Angeles Festival in June. Independent Los Angeles Festival (ISA) is held monthly and annually for filmmakers around the world. Short film “Foruzan” is a story of a young woman whose husband died and lives with her two little children in the village; she tries to protect her sheep against the nightmare of thieves.
Foruzan received the Best Sound Design at the Independent Melbourne Festival in Australia.

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