Show “Varema” at the Russian Environment Festival

Show “Vorma” at the Russian Environment Festival

The short film “Varema” by Soheila Pourmohammadi came to the 26th Russian Environment Festival. According to the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, the short story of “Varema” came to the 22nd Russian Environment Festival, which is held annually in the ciVarema, written and directed by Soheila Pourmohammadi and Producer of the Youth Cinema Society, addresses the story of the life of a young 3-person livestock farmer in Rudbar’s summer rush where the mother loves her animals like her child and takes care of every things .This is the 14th short film by Soheila Pourmohammadi, produced by the Rudbar Youth Cinema Society office. Pourmohammadi, also has three long titles in his film career .

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