Sadegh Mousavi Appointed as Director General of Iranian Youth Cinema Society

“Sadegh Mousavi” is appointed by the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance as Director General of Iranian Youth Cinema Society.


Content of the Appointment Decree signed by Mr. “Hojjatollah Ayoubi”, the head of Iranian Cinema Organization:

Mr. Seyyed Sadegh Mousavi, in accordance with your knowledge and experience and competencies, and based on Articles 11 and 14 of the Statute of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, and the resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Association, you are appointed by this Decree as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of the Iranian Youth Cinema Society. The success of your previous important cultural and artistic responsibilities, your creativity, liveliness, and your broad and useful communication with prominent cultural, scientific and academic figures are encouraging background which can bring prosperity for the country’s largest cinema school. It is hoped that, with national and international perspectives, the Youth Cinema Society will disentangle itself from unimportant marginal and tiring activities and will instead open the way for the power of the country’s most gifted youth. As a creative, young and educated manager, work in the various layers of the Society’s management to provide synergistic backgrounds for the valuable experiences of the well-known and the veterans and the passion and energy of the creative youth.

Urgent handling of the Youth Cinema Society issues in Tehran and other cities, equipping the Society’s offices in provinces, and trying to create equal opportunities, including your missions, are important in this responsibility. Co-operation with the National School of Cinema of Iran and the establishment of a deep and continuous link between the two institutions will be of great assistance in raising the level of knowledge and experience in the Iranian cinema community. While appreciating the efforts made by Mr. Farid Farkhondeh-Kish and their colleagues, I ask God Almighty to add to your success in this important responsibility.

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